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 Detox/Cleansing Groups
Naturopathic Nutrition is not just the study of correct nutrition, to enable the body to use the nutrients it requires effectively.  It is also how our body is able to GET RID of the wastes that are produced along the way from normal metabolic functions.  Nutritional Therapists trained in Naturopathic Nutrition will look at a programme of supporting the body with CLEANSING TECHNIQUES to ensure we are cleansing effectively. 
The body has many ways of letting us know if we are not cleansing – skin conditions, lethargy, foggy head, bloating and heavy feelings to mention a few!!  By using cleansing techniques alongside a cleansing diet the body is able to utilise the routes of elimination correctly and enable the waste to get out of the body as it should do.  When I am working with clients I illustrate this using a diagram of the cell and the routes of elimination working from that cell. 
We are all made of trillions of cells and during the production of energy from the cell (back to basic science) the metabolic wastes need to make their way out of the cell and out of the body.  As you can see from the diagram waste makes its way from the cell and firstly must make its way through the lymphatic system, when waste is stuck here we can expect colds, flu, throat type symptoms.  The lymph will then move the toxins into blood and being stuck here will give us our many skin conditions and any kind of inflammation in the body (itis).  The blood will then flow into the liver (the main organ of detoxification), if the liver is unable to deal with the toxins or is overloaded we can see headaches, migraines, sickness, hormonal problems.  Finally bile will exit the body with the faecal matter and this is where we must first work to make sure people are opening their bowel daily and that toxins are not backing up here and being reabsorbed into the body.
Coming into Autumn and January you know you are going to see in magazines and on TV lots of articles and programmes on ‘detox diets’.  How many of you have tried these and felt awful or worse? Have you tried them and felt wonderful, only to feel terrible again afterwards.  Maybe the above will explain a little about how this can happen and how this process should be undertaken over a number of weeks and not days, unless you have a really clean body and have been cleansing and detoxing regularly for years.
So this year I have decided to form 2 detox or cleansing groups for around 8 weeks starting in September, this will make the most of the natural cleansing our bodies do around the Autumn Equinox.  I want the groups to be educational and supportive with lots of tips and feedback from you all and of course I will be on hand to give personal support to you.

Tuesdays from 6th September, Axis Therapy, Bangor 7.15 - 8.15pm
Thursdays from 8th September, Ty Newydd, Rhoshirwaun 6.00 - 7.00 pm

£10 each session - please book on my blog page for cleansing or telephone on 07825883409