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Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness is  being present in this moment.  We spend most of our time thinking, and worrying, about what we are going to be doing in the future. Also worrying about what we have done or should have done in the past.  This way of being precludes us from being truly present and leads to us going through life on autopilot, missing out on the joy of being in the moment.  Through meditation techniques you can learn how to let go of these old patterns and connect to your true self.  The simple practise of mindfulness brings your awareness to the present moment by techniques such as focusing on the breath.
Meditation is available as a group with Llyn Meditation who meet the last
Thursday of the month in my home.
I also have a small group of ladies who meet at one of their homes on Thursday mornings and am open to any enquiries along the same lines.

Sue Baumann and I take the classes in Abersoch and Llangwnnadl. We use a mixture of meditation techniques from our own experiences in Mindfulness meditation, Transcendental meditation (using a mantra), Raja yoga meditation (using a mandala), guided meditation, creative visualisation to mention a few.  This will give everyone the chance to see what really works for them.
Sue Baumann will also be holding a chi khung class from 11.00 - 12.00 in Abersoch.
One to one meditation sessions are also available at a cost of £25, please telephone to arrange. The group classes are all priced at £5.
Interesting link from the New Scientist on benefits of meditation if you need some encouragement!
Another interesting link and rare opportunity to hear Jon Kabat-Zin talking about using mindfulness for stress reduction - I highly recommend listening to his wisdom.
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