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Here are some products that I highly recommend and the links you can use to buy them from other websites.

This is the best portable water filter I have found.  It alkalises water to the correct ph and tastes amazing.  If you want to know more or to buy follow the link below to energiseforlife.

Portable water alkalising jug
Portable water alkalising jug
For anyone who wants to know what their PH is and see the influence changes in their diet have, including alkaline water, then follow this link below:

I have just started using Go Green Organics Products - take a look at the website below, You can sign up to have the products auto-shipped to you each month so you never run out. 

Another must have item in your healthy nutritional regime is UDO's oil.  Containing the right ration of Omega 3,6 and 9 it is perfect to drizzle over salads and add to your morning smoothie.

And an excellent green powder rich in alkalising chlorophyll to add to your green smoothie, or just add juice for a great alkalising start to the day.

I would highly recommend using Cytoplan for all your supplement needs - they use food state ingredients which your body recognises and are therefore in a much more available form for your body to use.  Check them out using this link: