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"If you are reading this because you are considering a consultation with Wendy, then let me give you a little push through the door.

Last year I was diagnosed with diverticulitus and type 2 diabetes, what followed was a miserable time of stomach problems from one and extreme tiredness from the other. I can honestly say that I had pretty much hit rock bottom.

When a nutritionalist was suggested I, maybe like you, was a little sceptical, how can diet sort what the medical profession couldn't fix. How naive I was, from that first consultation to this day I have had no more stomach problems, my doctor is amazed how much my blood sugars have dropped and I feel full of energy again.

So if you are looking for some help, then let me recommend Wendy to you, I really believe she can help you as she has me."

Dorothy Quittenton

I can’t thank Wendy enough for her support and guidance in helping me to quite literally clean up my act.  I have never been one to diet having tried certain point /syn counting regimes once only and I found that they just encouraged me to eat things that were low in fat but full of absolute rubbish – artificial sweetners, additives, preservatives etc.  I have just completed Wendy’s specially formulated four week cleansing plan and it has been a revelation.  Armed with all the resources, words of wisdom, shopping lists I would need (No it wasn’t  a very expensive exercise it is just a matter of changing the list and spending more time in different aisles of the supermarket) I have become obsessed with food in a whole new and healthy way.  My life and weekly shopping list has changed for the better and I feel so much more energetic and what’s more I have lost a stone in weight (most of that was the rubbish that wasn’t clinging to my insides).  I can’t encourage people enough to attend one of Wendy’s workshops for an introduction into a cleaner way of eating for health and vitality.  Thank you Wendy!! xxxx
                                                                                   Heather - Shropshire

"I eat a mailnly dairy free diet and recently suffered a miscarriage and worried that this could of been a contributing factor as to why i lost my baby. I visited Wendy to gain nutritional help and information on how to support another pregnancy, she gave me a lot of sound advice and helped to explain things in a friendly yet proffesional manner. I followed her advice and am now 16 weeks into my pregnancy and feel great!!!!I attended one of her food workshops and not only was it good for the body it was very good for the soul - would highly recommend a visit."
 Wendy has helped me with several ailments / health issues and her advice, suggestions ,supplements and wisdom have put me back on track! Especially with her knowledge in nutrition ! She is so proffesional yet has a wonderful approach to all things natural holistic and healthy that you can't help but to want to try it ! As well as the consultations I have attended a food workshop and wow it was the best day ever! Fun yet educational! my only wish would be to take wendy home and keep her as my personal chef!!!!! 
                                                              Vanessa, Florida
 Wendy is very knowledgeable and shares her information in a clear and practical way with superb demonstrations, and you get the opportunity to eat her delicious homemade food! I have become  far more aware of the negative affects certain foods and drinks can have on my body and now with her guidance I can eat foods that positively enhance my well-being and mood, increase my energy levels and cut down on those horrid “bloated” feelings!
                                                                                                              Linda, Edern