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Detoxification tips from Hungry for Change
Hungry for change
The Importance of an Alkaline Diet
Post juicing Detox week


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Detoxification tips from Hungry for Change

Click on the link above to see some GREAT tips about detoxification and how vital it is for health and weight management.  The Hungry For Change guys really are giving out some gret information so why not sign up for their emails x

Hungry for change

Great new film out that you can see for free called Hungry for change, just click on the link above and register for free.  It is made by the same people who made foodmatters and it takes a look at the chemicals we are pouring into what we call food and how the only real way to stay healthy is to eat food in its natural state.  Some really interesting people who have fought cancer and obesity by finding a more healthful diet, and especially juicing and CLEANSING!

The Importance of an Alkaline Diet

Well this is a link to another blog from Ross at Energise for life because it is one of the best, well referenced articles I have read on the need to alkalise our body.  Ross has given scientific evidence referenced over the years to back up his findings on an alkaline diet and gives great examples of the foods you need to eat more of in your daily diet.


Happy New Year to you all, have you all had a good break??  I'm noticing a common thread on the TV, in the magazines and on facebook - diet, diet, diet - eaten too much over the Christmas break and need to loose weight???   A lot of weight gain, lack of energy and illness can be down to toxicity within the body, these toxins can become more accumulated over a holiday period when we eat different foods and drink, often to excess.  Some diets work, although temporarily, because we remove the toxins for a while, however if we want LASTING change we need to address the toxicity within the body and how efficiently we are REMOVING these toxins.

Post juicing Detox week

So here I am, back in the real world after an amazing week in Yorkshire on a juicing cleanse.  Whilst I usually carry out two cleanses a year at the time of the Equinox, I have never had the luxury, or indulgence of being away on my own.  I am usually at home still cooking for the family and running around doing all my normal tasks, what a difference to be in a neutral space.  A friend of mine Linda decided to do what she called a detox 'share' so a group of us got together and covererd the cost of the hire of the cottages and the organic vegetables for the juicing.

First detox session

Detox group
first session

Had a great group collected at my house for the first detox group - Sue busy taking notes!!  We did have a play too though with lots of smoothie making and the guys learnt all about the importance of water and hydration - we are 70% water (The human body is about 60% water in adult males and 70% in adult females - wikipedia)and need that water to keep moving.  If your drinking tea and coffee every day with no water how is the body going to move toxins out?  The right kind of water is vitally important too - check out my products page for a really great alkalising water jug that not only takes out nasties from the water, it re-mineralises adding to it and creating the right PH for our bodies.

Beat sugar cravings naturally - Almond and orange cookies

It was my youngest daughters' 15th Birthday over the weekend - its always difficult to find recipes and foods that are 'acceptable' to this age group (or any age group probably!!).  Teenagers particularly like 'sweet' foods and Marcella is no exception - she craves sugar (more addictive than cocaine - marie claire).
So you need to find ways of giving them the sugar hit - without using refined sugars.


I came accross this fabulous you tube clip of Grace Grove in Sedona, Arizona on the difference between undertaking a 'diet' for weight loss and undertaking a cleanse.  I think its a really good explanation of what is happening in the body when we are holding on to weight and why whatever 'fad' diet of the moment doesn't work for the long term.

Take a look at the clip and also the other clips they have on  You tube. For those of you that would like to try cleansing but have tried it before and felt ill, or the thought is overwhelming to you, I may have a solution for you.

Meditation classes

Meditation Classes

Now available at Axis Therapy on Tuesday evenings from 6.00pm until 7.00pm.  The price will be £5 per person - if you want to know more about meditation or the benefits, check out my meditation page.

Mermaid Spa Portmeirion

Well last week I spent a lot of time at the fabulous new Mermaid Spa at Portmeirion as my daughter Marcella was lucky enough to do her work experience there.
Check out what the have to offer on their website:
At the moment they have a great offer on for local people - buy one get one half price on treatments, what the have suggested is if you want to go along with a friend then they will average the price accross for both of you.  So why not have a pamper with a friend - great for all those endophins (feel good hormones).